Chip Cards are Everywhere
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The world relies on chip card technology to enable payments, public transit, telecommunications, IT security, and more. Our new gaming platform combines the power of chip cards with mobile and cloud services to create exciting new ways to deliver lottery and casino gaming solutions in any environment. Our first two solutions reinvent instant ticket games for lotteries and on-property tablet gaming for casinos.
Instant Ticket Gaming Reinvented
It's a chip card with 100's of instant tickets securely stored in the chip. Purchase the card and then tap it with your phone to experience digital fun and find out what you've won. Return to the store to redeem winnings and reload with more tickets.
On-Property Tablet Gaming Reinvented
A GLI-II gaming engine in a chip card. We combine the card with an off-the-shelf tablet to create the ultimate low cost, high reliability, high security on-property gaming device. No servers. No integration. Let players play anywhere, anytime on your property. It's truly revolutionary and the first-of-its-kind.
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We helped introduce chip cards and mobile technology to power payments worldwide. Now we're bringing our expertise and new ideas to the gaming industry.
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